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Reusable Food Preservation Tray

Reusable Food Preservation Tray

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Keep your foods fresh for a longer time and prevent bacteria
for seeping in with this Reusable Food Preservation Tray

Resistant to pressure and puncture impact.
Heat-proof and able to withstand freezing conditions. 

 These trays are very safe to use and durable,
made with only the most premium non-toxic materials.

The ultra-resistant film lid releases air from the tray after it's filled,
keeping its contents fresher, longer. 
Doesn’t consume much space whilst keeping your food fresh.

Has a leak-proof lid and a sturdy elastic film that can avoid
your food from exposing to air or dust and help the food
stay fresh
longer than ever.

Suitable for small refrigerators, freezers, and other facilities.

Whether you want to preserve fruits, meat, fish, pastries, or
other food types,
these creative trays will be the best solution for you.

It can be cleaned easily since it’s crafted with non-stick coating.
Perfect to reuse on other food you have in store.


Material: PP Plastic + Elastic Film

Size: 30.5 x 22.9 x 2.9 cm


1 X Reusable Food Preservation Tray OR

2 X Reusable Food Preservation Tray OR

4 X Reusable Food Preservation Tray